A message for Anthony Weiner, Geraldo Rivera, and anyone else who thinks taking a bathroom photo is a great idea:

AIMG_1201 photo in the mirror can tell a lot about a person. What it should ONLY say is, “I like this outfit, and currently have no one to take this nifty picture of me.”

…Like this one.  Mind you, I find this particular room/pose kind of awkward and have only done so thrice.  Each time, I was clothed and I paid attention to my surroundings.

Most bathroom photos fail to do that, however. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure your photo doesn’t say more than you want to. BEFORE clicking that “send” button, does the photo contain any of the following:

  • partial or complete nudity
    Is there a toilet in the photo?
    Are you, or someone in the room on that toilet?
    Is someone in the room with you, and are they clothed?
    are there any sex toys strewn about on the counter?
    Is there poop in the photograph?
    Is a dog humping anything in the picture?
    Can I see that you are standing around or in a pile of unwashed clothes?
    Wait, is that a used tampon on your sink enclosure?
    Were you embarrassingly photobombed by your mom, dad, spouse or coworker?
    While taking your near-naked selfie (see #1) are you holding your infant or is your infant in a carrier strapped to your chest?

I’m sure I am missing out on a few, but I have seen selfies just like this and I’m sure you have, as well. Usually, they are attached to some sort of humor site, as a terrible warning of what not to do.fail

If I can’t serve as your friendly reminder with the above pic, let this serve as your terrible warning.

…always look at your surroundings and think critically before publishing a selfie, and remember that if you’re not willing to do it in front of an audience of millions, perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it in front of your camera.

Basic common sense.