Offa of Angel Offa of Angel  ‎(I644759257)‎
Given Names: Offa
Surname: of Angel

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: estimated 400
Death: 456 ‎(Age 56)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth estimated 400
Death 456 ‎(Age 56)‎
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Offa ‎(or Olaf Litillati or Alavivaz Olauus)‎ ‎(? - c. 456)‎ was the 4th-great-grandfather of Creoda of Mercia; he may also be a great-grandson of Odin. Offa was the son of Wermund, and the father of Angeltheow.

He was the most famous hero of the early Angles ‎(Anglii in Latin)‎. He is said by the Old English poem Widsith to have ruled over Angel, and the poem refers briefly to h Bron Burgerlijke stand - Huwelijk
Archieflocatie Tresoar, Frysk Histoarysk en Letterkundich Sintrum
Algemeen Toegangnr: 30-06
Inventarisnr: 2018
Gemeente: Het Bildt
Soort akte: Huwelijksakte
Aktenummer: 60
Datum: 13-10-1859
Bruidegom Durk Kingma
Leeftijd: 25
Geboorteplaats: Birdaard, gemeente Dantumadeel
Bruid Neeltje Krottje
Leeftijd: 21
Geboorteplaats: St. Annaparochie
Vader bruidegom Marten Thomas Kingma
Moeder bruidegom Jetske Durks van der Meer
Vader bruid Enne Berends Krottje
Moeder bruid Grietje Pieters Dijkstra

Bron Burgerlijke stand - Huwelijk
Archieflocatie Tresoar, Frysk Histoarysk en Letterkundich Sintrum
Algemeen Toegangnr: 30-06
Inventarisnr: 2031
Gemeente: Het Bildt
Soort akte: Huwelijksakte
Aktenummer: 34
Datum: 16-05-1889
Bruidegom Jacob de Jong
Leeftijd: 24
Geboorteplaats: St. Anner first husband.

Her adult daughter, Rosalinda Pace, married Guiseppe's adult son, Nicola D'Alleva.

The Schiavone name is a "soprannome," or family nickname; it is an additional surname used by some Italians to help identify different branches of the same family. It may be the surname of her mother, or it may mean that the family came from Schiavi d'Abruzzo, a town in the region of Abruzzo.

Schiavone was also a nickname commonly given to Slavic women whose families were from Dalmatia ‎(Italian: Dalmazia)‎, which is modern-day Croatia. It is located immediately across the Adriatic sea from Ortona, Italy, and would be a short trip by ship. Under the Treaty of Rapallo ‎(1920)‎, Zadar, Dalmatia, was ceded to Italy. At this time many of the Croatian population were harshly treated, as a result of which most of them left for Yugoslavia.

Nazi Germany occupied the city in World War II, as it was once one of the best-fortified cities in the world, and ZadJersey during the period ofthe Revolutionary War,1775-1783, as follows

Captain, Colonel William Winds'Battalion of Volunteers, May 2nd 1775Captain, First Company, from Hanover, Colonel William Winds' Regiment,Morris Co., NJ Militia, Sept 14, 1775 Adjutant, Colonel Sylvanus Seeley'sRegiment Morris Co. Militia Active Service: In alarm at Springfield from7th to the 15th of June 1780 and from Jan 2nd to Jan 8th 1781

Received Certificate #163 dated May 3rd, 1784, signed by Silas Condictfor L12:2:10, depreciation of his Continental pay as Adjutant in theMorris Co. Militia

FOR THE CHIEF OF STAFF Signed JP Callahan, Major, Arty, NJARING AssistantAdjutant General


Jul 1734 - born Samuel lived near "Whipeny" River,Morris Co., New Jersey‎(according to a letter from Cornelius L. Ball to John R.Burnet, 13 Jul1850)‎ Buried at First Presbyterian Church, Morris Co., NJ Diedatage 75years, 6 months ‎(according to History of FPC Hanover)‎ 12 Jan 1810

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