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Best things in life are worth waiting for.

I could not accept this award during the annual NJBA convention, as my boss had to attend and I didn’t want to leave the department unmanned.  So, I got it yesterday instead.  This is my NJBA “Unsung Hero” award; it says “for your…

New observation

Somewhere along the line, interns have stopped looking like slightly younger people fresh from college, and more like kids in need of a juice box and fresh pair of Pull-ups.  #old #ageism #getoffmylawn

Workplace musings

There are two reasons why I love our office’s new IT director: 1:  He took my request to leave my browsing history and porn stash alone in stride. 2:  His wife bakes cookies.  Dear God, his wife bakes cookies.

As a matter of fact,

Why yes, I am “that girl.”

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