You think rich folks are more likely to be jerks? Well, there’s science behind it. Turns out that yes…the more money you have, the more likely you will have a sense of entitlement (meaning you’re an asshole). You’ll even think nothing of stealing candy from babies. The more disadvantaged that you feel, however, the more…polite and generous you become.

This feeds into a theory I heard recently that, when looked at objectively, rings true to an extent. That theory: People who drive BMWs. Doesn’t matter what model, what year or what condition…if they drive a BMW, chances are good that they are driving like a rolling sense of entitlement and possibly endangering everyone else around them on the road. Upon a week or so of contemplative observation, yes…every SINGLE BMW I encountered was being piloted by an asshole. I can now add this to my own observation, using more than 30+ years of driving experience, that the more expensive the car the more likely it is being driven by someone who feels the laws of the road do not apply to them; that they don’t have to do simple things like look or signal before changing lanes, or alternate merge.

In my experience if you have a high-end car and you drive it politely, you are probably nouveau riche. How quaint. Practically pedestrian, like the rest of us.

But now, there is science behind it. Study after study shows that the more you have, the more you think I don’t deserve what I have, even what I have is only my place in the middle lane of Rt 1.