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Radio personality, production genius and all-around great gal. My ego requires two time zones.

New observation

Somewhere along the line, interns have stopped looking like slightly younger people fresh from college, and more like kids in need of a juice box and fresh pair of Pull-ups.  #old #ageism #getoffmylawn

A glimpse into my world…

I get this a lot, usually by email.    I do not have a glamorous job, just an interesting one.  Paparazzi do not follow me, photographing my every move.  No one asks for my autograph.  I do not earn enough to slide into a…

This is a happy baby!

my daughter sent my this of my granddaughter waking up. That bottle must make her VERY happy. 🙂

Next up on cooking day…

Did not grow the blueberries but they are organic. Jam made with berries, a little honey and a dash of lemon. I spoon it over plain Greek yogurt for breakfast.

Garden stuff

Starting to get stuff from my garden, so my first day back from North Carolina is a cooking day. Just made pickles, they will need a day or four to set up. Half sour dill.

My first grandchild!

My son in law captured Oma Ginny holding my granddaughter!

Sometimes being blind in one eye is a blessing.

In the 22 years I have been blind in one eye, I realize that I miss a lot. I step in dog poo more often than the average person, for example. But…I can be walking along and a detail woll just jump out…

New life in an old blanket

I made this around 2008; it is what kept me sane while my son was in BMT in the Air Force, and I was learning how to be single again after my marriage blew up. This was a sock pattern at; i…

Working on my tan.

Garden surprise

My basil has a dual personality.

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