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Radio personality, production genius and all-around great gal. My ego requires two time zones.


Proof that I am just an oversized child…one photo is my granddaughter as a bee at daycare. The other photo is me as the Sun at daycare work. I forgot to bring a box of sausages for my costume.


Every time I hear James Earl Jones announce “we got the meats,” I die a little inside. Such a waste of a magnificent voice, it sounds more like the mating cry of illiterate food addicts.

Make me some!

My daughter recently shared this with me, I assume so that I can make us stroopwafels instead of buying them. I will continue to buy them until one of you people make me some.

Are you a Frisian American?

Years ago, my genealogy research revealed that my father wasn’t just of Dutch lineage, but was actually also heavily Frisian.  I had no idea what that meant at the time, and as I learned I frankly became interested in the topic, adopting the…

Why yes. I am 50.

I make neither apology nor excuse for how I am dressed today.

After a long night…

My granddaughter is always so happy after a long night of keeping her Mommy and Daddy awake.

late Summer gardening

My dill has all been harvested, so my ‘garden monsters’ have moved on to the parsley in my flowerbox; I note that they do avoid the oregano that’s gone to seed.  Chomp on, little fellas.  Enjoy the time you have left.   #swallowtail #butterflies…

Text messages are so fun these days.

I get gems like this from my daughter.

New observation

Somewhere along the line, interns have stopped looking like slightly younger people fresh from college, and more like kids in need of a juice box and fresh pair of Pull-ups.  #old #ageism #getoffmylawn

A glimpse into my world…

I get this a lot, usually by email.    I do not have a glamorous job, just an interesting one.  Paparazzi do not follow me, photographing my every move.  No one asks for my autograph.  I do not earn enough to slide into a…

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