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Radio personality, production genius and all-around great gal. My ego requires two time zones.

Crochet project

The pattern is for a coaster, but I am considering using it granny square style as part of a larger project. Put on rows 7 and 8 tonight.    

Shameless plug

For the love of all that is holy, if you are a makeup user go check out the new makeup blog from @shayfabs so you don’t look like this lady.  #plugs #wordpress

Apparently, trail mix with fruit, nuts, chocolate chunks and mini peanut butter cups is not considered “health food.” Shut up and let me live my life.

Well, it’s new to me.

This came out in 1979.  I have never heard of it.

A song just in time for Mother’s Day!

I always have songs running through my head.  This one is just for the Moms and Grandmoms out there.  🙂  

Look what I made!

This is the “branching out” pattern from, on size 5/3.75mm needles, Nazly Gelin Garden Metallic mercerized cotton glitter yarn shells and beads sewn on.   Took me a while but I got it done!

One thing I never expect to see on a fashion blog…

What’s the least likely thing I’d expect to see on a fashion blog? Great life advice. This article is chock full of it: “truest fucking art is when it’s an extension of that person” ” ‘Am I going to be here or am…

My granddaughter 


Window display in New Hope PA.    

Open letter to the internet from an iPhone user

Dear Internet, and everyone who makes website pages and apps: I don’t want your goddamn app. Nothing is more annoying than following a link on my iPhone, only to have the screen switch immediately to the appstore to download your shitty app. When…

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