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Radio personality, production genius and all-around great gal. My ego requires two time zones.


Leftover pizza topped with leftover fried calimari and served with cabernet saivignon with chocolate for dessert, I believe, hits all the necessary food groups.  #omnomnom  

New Year!

Everyone always seems to post New Year’s resolutions. I never do;  I never make them, because if I need to make a change I simply start that day. I got my word press stats for 2015, and was shocked that I only posted…

Another reminder

Today’s reminder to me of how important being home for the holidays is to our military, comes from Timehop…reminding me that five years ago today I picked my son up at the airport for his leave. Having spent many months in Japan, the…

Let’s Bring `em home!

14 holiday seasons ago, an online friend named Ernie Stewart had an idea: being a vet himself, and remembering those years when the holidays came around and hoping to be able to get home, he asked friends and family if they would please…

Best things in life are worth waiting for.

I could not accept this award during the annual NJBA convention, as my boss had to attend and I didn’t want to leave the department unmanned.  So, I got it yesterday instead.  This is my NJBA “Unsung Hero” award; it says “for your…

A “Red” Moment

One of my favorite movies is the Shawshank Redemption, and possibly one of the most lasting pair of characters, for me, is Brooks and Red. Both toiled for years in prison, yearning to be free; remembering what it was like when they were…


Looked up from my crocheting, saw someone tucked himself in.   

Crochet project

Only 185 rows left…!   


what’s a vacation without photos to bore guests with?  These were taken at Letchworth State Park in Castile NY, and at Sundown Park in Grahamsville NY.                       

Another reason why I’m going to hell

This is my beautiful granddaughter.   I’ve turned her into a meme.

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