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My monster crochet project…

Officially 2/3d done…before I put a finishing edge around it all, block and figure out how to frame.    

Hat’s done

Tried making a beret with no pattern. Next time I’ll find a pattern, but this is an interesting hat…     

With apologies to my daughter…

…after more than 20 weeks of my filet crochet project that I am doing for my daughter, about a half hour ago I decided to make a hat. This will be the “blizzard of ’16” hat…   

A must read for people who share “news” stories.

Snopes has a great little article on how to spot fake news, clickbait, etc.  Please, people…Cookie dough cans didn’t explode inside of a woman, Hillary Clinton’s not banning beards, and the President did no pardon the Boston Bomber. Thanks Snopes!

David Bowie and his song about Uncle Floyd

If you grew up in the NJ/NY area “back in the day,” you watched what was SUPPOSEDLY a children’s show called Uncle Floyd. Not too many childrens’ shows can claim to have had guests like the Ramones, so if you don’t recall this…

A Rose by any other name

Not sure how or why, but a local charity had an excess of cut roses that they could not sell or use…as a result, it looks like everyone in the office got 2 dozen roses. These are mine.    

Filet crochet

Finished up the day by putting on a couple rows of this beast.  Only 126 more rows to go.    

Good news/bad news

Good news! I won the NJ Megamillions. Bad news: I won $3. My supervisor tells me that I now have disposable income, though.


It’s a cold yet beautiful morning, so I snapped this picture while the dog was takin’ care of business. No one wants an audience then, ifyaknowwhatImean…   

Me on Social Media….

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