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Radio personality, production genius and all-around great gal. My ego requires two time zones.

Blizzard 2017

The past 24 hrs in one photo. #snowpocalypse2017 #blizzard #JerseyStrong

A Petition you really need to get behind

Sign the petition!   But first, watch the movie.    

New toy

I bought a very cheap clip on macro lens for my iPhone. It’s the most fun I can have for under $10. 

Can you help?

I don’t often post requests, but I have a distant cousin who needs some help returning home.  He’s in Brazil with his wife and daughter, and needs to get home to the Netherlands with them.  The political climate is shaky in Brazil at…

Filet crochet

This took 38 weeks to crochet using yarn not much thicker than sewing thread, & 2 weeks to hand sew to backing and frame. I’m in the picture to show size. 

Getting there…

18 rows to the top. I will also be adding about 4 rows to the side to even it out; when I began in August I mis-counted. To give you an idea of length, if I hold the top to my shoulders,  the…

Almost there…

For the past year and a half I have been growing out my last dye job. Here’s what that looks like in a braid. 😜   

Filet crochet progress

Getting there!   

Long weekend…

My dog has spent the weekend trying to hide his rawhide. He just gave up, plopped it in my lap and curled up with me.    


Me to Romeo: Gimme paw! Romeo to me: I’m retired. Get your own paw.    

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