I will become a grandmother for the first time in July.  As a family genealogist, I cannot describe the level of joy at finding out that my soon-to-be-born grandchild, is a granddaughter.

Allow me to introduce you to an unbroken chain in my family.  Mother to daughter.  I wish I could go farther in this particular line; maybe one day I will:  Rosalinda Pace and Madalena DAngelo

This is my great-great grandmother Maddalena D’Angelo Pace (birth year unknown) and her daughter, my great grandmother Rosalinda Pace D’Alleva, born 1883.  The photo was taken in Orsogna, Italy.







This is Rosalinda’s daughter, my grandmother Maddalena D’Alleva Ceccarossi, born 1900.  This image was on her passport when she emigrated to the United States.

momThis is Maddalena’s daughter, my mother Virginia Ceccarossi Otte.  This picture was originally black and white; Mom loved to colorize photos with a paintbrush when she was younger.





This is Virginia’s daughter…me, Virginia

“Ginny” Otte, turning FIFTY! years old:


…and this is my eldest daughter, who despite what she thinks, actually resembles me!:   (why yes, she is from New Jersey.  How could you tell?)Jen

…but all that is neither here nor there; Instead, I bring you the point of this post:  This, is the next link in the maternal chain, mother to daughter.  This is the 7th generation of photographs of a long line of proud, strong, smart, enduring women.  Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, my soon-to-be-born granddaughter.  (why yes, I will be spoiling her; how can you tell?):