I get this a lot, usually by email.    I do not have a glamorous job, just an interesting one.  Paparazzi do not follow me, photographing my every move.  No one asks for my autograph.  I do not earn enough to slide into a Lamborghini to drive off to my beach home on weekends.  I just turn on a microphone from time to time and speak; but most of my job is spent doing other things.  It’s a job, like any other.

In the real world, out in meatspace, I am a shlub who works 45 hour work weeks, goes home, clips coupons, and laughs at the acts on America’s Got Talent.  I’m a grandmother. If I’m walking down the street, no one will notice.   The world will forget about me 10 minutes after I’m dead.

On the internet, someone catches wind of what field I work in (not even the job but the all-encompassing industry), and I get asked to review an aircheck, play a song on the air, review an “interview opportunity,” etcetera.  Asking me means they simply didn’t do their research enough to know that I cannot help them.  And it happens everywhere online.

For example, this fine young chap thought, upon reviewing my MRI AVI on Youtube whioch I put up for folks who have MS…”hey!  I bet if I ask her to check out my music here, that would be a GREAT idea!”


Really, dude?

My advice for anyone who wants to “break into” any specific field is to do some research first, to figure out how to do it effectively.  Hint:  this wasn’t effective.

As the kids say today…  SMH