Imagine that I have a shiny golden box. That shiny golden  box is the truth. I then offer the truth to you, and tell you “all you have to do is walk over to it.” My next-door neighbor starts screaming at you, telling you that that is not shiny and it is not golden. Instead, my neighbor tells you that box is a lie. Now, all you really have to do is walk over to the box and see for yourself. But, my neighbor is persistent and not only continues to scream, then actually walks over and stands in your way. My neighbor now becomes your obstacle to the truth. You still have the option of walking around my neighbor, but then another neighbor shows up and says that you really don’t want that box because it’s more like Pandora’s box. Don’t open it! You now have two obstacles to the truth. Suddenly, a guy down the street that I never even met before tells you that I never have the truth, and that the box I am presenting to you will end us all. You now have three obstacles to the truth. Eventually, as more and more of my neighbors show up to get between you and the golden box and they  become an impenetrable wall yelling at you to not go near it, it may be easier for you to just accept that what they are saying is the truth, because getting past them all is just too fucking hard to do. You will now accept all of these obstacles to the truth as though they were actually the truth because you’re just too exhausted to do anything else. And aren’t you tired of all the yelling? This is how I see the state of politics in modern day America.