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Crochet projects

I didn’t really block these, I just ironed them. They are made with soft bamboo yarn. The square one is as big as a coaster, the round one as big as a plate.  

Early Valentines Day

One of the clients I voice commercials for, the Flower Station, sent loads of flowers for us to enjoy. Being a Dutch-American girl I knew which flowers to claim that are better than roses!

If you have gotten email from me…

Someone has spammed the entire planet using my email address; I know this from the outrageous amount of bounce messages and automated thank you messages I have been getting this week…like this one, from the White House. If you got an email message…


This not the last photo I ever took of my mother before she passed away. Rather, this ranks as one of my personal favorite photos of my mother and me. It was taken on the 2nd floor outside deck of Care One, on…

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