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late Summer gardening

My dill has all been harvested, so my ‘garden monsters’ have moved on to the parsley in my flowerbox; I note that they do avoid the oregano that’s gone to seed.  Chomp on, little fellas.  Enjoy the time you have left.   #swallowtail #butterflies…

Text messages are so fun these days.

I get gems like this from my daughter.

New observation

Somewhere along the line, interns have stopped looking like slightly younger people fresh from college, and more like kids in need of a juice box and fresh pair of Pull-ups.  #old #ageism #getoffmylawn

A glimpse into my world…

I get this a lot, usually by email.    I do not have a glamorous job, just an interesting one.  Paparazzi do not follow me, photographing my every move.  No one asks for my autograph.  I do not earn enough to slide into a…

This is a happy baby!

my daughter sent my this of my granddaughter waking up. That bottle must make her VERY happy. 🙂

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