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Next up on cooking day…

Did not grow the blueberries but they are organic. Jam made with berries, a little honey and a dash of lemon. I spoon it over plain Greek yogurt for breakfast.

Garden stuff

Starting to get stuff from my garden, so my first day back from North Carolina is a cooking day. Just made pickles, they will need a day or four to set up. Half sour dill.

My first grandchild!

My son in law captured Oma Ginny holding my granddaughter!

Sometimes being blind in one eye is a blessing.

In the 22 years I have been blind in one eye, I realize that I miss a lot. I step in dog poo more often than the average person, for example. But…I can be walking along and a detail woll just jump out…

New life in an old blanket

I made this around 2008; it is what kept me sane while my son was in BMT in the Air Force, and I was learning how to be single again after my marriage blew up. This was a sock pattern at; i…

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