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Yes another crochet post.

I have discovered that a doily is just a big granny square made with thread and tiny needles. I am on row 12, 10 more rows to go. This is my first try at a doily or crocheted lace.

My favorite Airman

My son and I together for the holiday weekend!

various creations

I uploaded some of my previous works into a gallery; I think I’m going to start putting everything I knit, crochet, sew or fold here in one place so you know where to avoid.  ha!

Happy Spring!

It was 84 degrees in this yard on Saturday.

Top of bowman’s tower

Looking at the Freedom. washington’s crossing.

Bowman’s tower

At Washington’s Crossing. Climbed the tower. Not too shabby for a broad with MS.

Message from the dead

This weekend I observe 33 years of “what if.” For 33 years, this chunk of bronze has symbolized my father to me. But, the dead DO speak and have lessons to give. My father has this message for you. I will even say…

Workplace musings

There are two reasons why I love our office’s new IT director: 1:  He took my request to leave my browsing history and porn stash alone in stride. 2:  His wife bakes cookies.  Dear God, his wife bakes cookies.

Just a little crochet

This is a lot of little nothing. Just a challenge to myself. I have a LOT of embroidery floss I can no longer use because my vision and dexterity is not conducive to embroidery any more. I also have teeny tiny crochet hooks…

Repairing an invisible hem…

You can only pick up threads on the inside of the fabric so the outside does not show stitches. Also I have to be extra careful that the stitches do not go all the way through because I do not have the proper…

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