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Looking at some of the experience of some of the people who want to friend me on LinkedIn. If your experiences and talents mean composing sentences that simply string together eight 4 syllable words, I am left not knowing exactly what it is…

On Avonte Oquendo and safety in schools

The Avonte Oquendo story has had me quietly remembering the years my own children were little and in day care and later, school. I remember one day in 1987, when I went to my daughter’s preschool and found that they had actually locked…

Going the Extra Mile

There has been a cheesecake from the Pantagis Diner in the kitchen at work all day.  I have dubbed this cheesecake “The Extra Mile,” because eating a piece of this manna from heaven would mean going an extra mile on my treadmill.

Just call me bubbles.

Today’s Challenge #ohhowIstruggle

Happy New Year!

Every year, everyone resolves to improve themselves in one way or another. This year I challenge you to resolve to avoid the herd mentality. Just because someone posts it on Facebook or a blog (like this one!) does not mean that you have…

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