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On women, and empowerment.

A brief, not all- inclusive timeline of women’s empowerment: 1771: Men must have their wives’ consent to sell their property. (married women were actually allowed to have their own property at that time in some places) 1774: Maryland affords women the same property…

Let’s Bring `em Home

it’s getting to crunch time.  Ernie Stewart, as of this post, still needs nearly $17,000 to get all ticket requests completed for our military members who need a “ride home” for their holiday leave.  ANY little bit helps.  Please help Bring `em Home!

My kind of interpretation.

Mommy and me!

Today’s fashion statement

It just occurred to me that I might look like that lady on the “People of Walmart” blog, whose skin tight flesh colored leggings made her look like she was nude from the waist down. also, my hiking boots because of morning slush.…

I’m an inconsiderate, unfeeling, selfish old bat. Here’s an example of what I mean.

I found $20 in my pocket today, that survived both the washer AND the dryer. I also recently won $2 on a scratch off lottery ticket that I got from a self-serve machine about a week ago. Feeling lucky, I just walked over…

Happy nonspecific winter holiday season involving a tree and consumerism

It is a long ways from the giant deals I used to spend two days decorating, but at least the dog won’t eat it.

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