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Vacation photos here, because “Pix or it didn’t happen.”

Watkins Glen

Misty morning

On the way to lower falls, rainy morning with clouds in the gorge n

Let the vacation begin

Mom says “hello” to the internet

Here we are doing an impersonation of Rosey Grier in the movie about the man with two heads.

Less than green thumb

I planted two dozen bulbs two years ago. This is the first flower from that effort, and it is a midget. That’s ok, I love it anyway.

Tonight’s garden haul.

Review *this*

A week ago I bought a new charger for my Apple iPhone 4S. It was called “Apple iPhone 4S USB Cable” at Amazon. I bought it, unsure of whether of not it was an Apple product because later on the page it was…

My garden haul for tonight

The soil seems especially suited to white eggplant. Plus looks like I will be making pickles tonight.

Good news Friday.

I recently bought a weight vest to challenge myself more physically. That vest looks like something a SWAT team person might wear, so I only wear it inside, on my treadmill. It holds 16 packets of sand that are 2.5 pounds each, for…

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