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My favorite part of zucchini

…Is dipping the flowers in egg and Italian bread brumbs and deep frying. Oh, my.

Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

I beg to differ.

Morning chores

This time of year, morning chores includes giving the garden a little drink. Yesterday I fried the first of the zucchini flowers, and there are about two dozen baby cucumbers already that will be pickles one day soon. In the foregound, my herb…

One way to stay on track…

A lot of people I know seemed to have gotten a wakeup call with the passing of James Gandolfini. This little gizmo costs about $40 and if you have an HSA account, you can use that to buy one at your local drug…

One day these will be pickles.

Zucchini in my garden

This is how I have my morning coffee.

If I ever sat at the table he could not do this. So instead I have it on the sofa that I pretty much just gave to him as a dog bed. He’s trained me well.

The benefits of sharing

Some people shrink at the opportunity to share their illnesses, especially in a workplace. I understand this completely. In 1989 I was fired from a job for the offense of being pregnant (I was the manager in the art department of a printer…

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