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Do you “like” it?

Your “likes” can tell a lot more about you than you might think.

They had a “live” one…

I have been an Ubuntu user for a couple of week now. I had my new laptop for about a week using Windows 8 when I deemed it a steaming pile of trash that did nothing that I cared about, and so hosed…


Someone has decided that it should be a lazy day. Not sure my boss would agree.

28 April, 2013 20:01


Backyard gym

Better than a gym membership!

Thoughts for dinner

“honey, I’m meeting the crew at work over at Cheesecake Factory.” “YOU WHORE.”

Another satisfied client.

“Listening to your voice in my commercial makes me smile.” Being paid to talk for a living makes ME smile, so thank you!

What is this called?

You would think that I would know what this is called, since my mother taught me to darn socks with it. She gave it to me this weekend: “when am I ever going to use it again?” She said, as she handed it…

Buy me!


I love when disgraced politicians come back; it lets me show off my work a 2nd time.

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