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For all the dog lovers out there!

Just another day at work.

The triune brain: things really are better in threes.

I was watching a lecture on the brain last night, and two things jumped out at me. The first is a quick shot, but probably the most important thing to know in keeping your brain healthy: The best way to keep your short…

Website change

swapped out my home page. It’s hideous.


Thoughts on chronic illness, career, and keeping yourself top of mind to others

I read a great article about Carol Miller on radio, staying relevant in your chosen career, aging in the public eye and having a career when you are chronically ill. I can identify with her on many levels. The aging part, not quite…


My bathroom mirror at home makes me look thinner than the mirror in the ladies room at work. Obviously the work mirror is defective and needs to be replaced.

What’chu talkin’ ’bout?

1 March, 2013 15:38

We do birthdays big around here.

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