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This time last week I got disgusted at my progress on my sock and pulled it all apart to start over again. Heel now successfully turned on try 2. Now to finish, just head up the leg a couple of inches, and start…

Today’s fashion statement.

What is today’s fashion statement? Embroidered hip hugger military green pants, big sequined top, brown denim jacket, beige sneakers and barely combed hair. What does this say to you?

Break room temptation.

If you cave in, just tell yourself “this is why I can’t wear my nice clothes any more.”

PB&J, new style

Reconstituted powdered peanut butter, blueberry jam sweetened with only juice, homemade gluten free paleo bread made with almond, coconut and flax. No wheat. Very low carb, less than 5 grams fat, very very low sodium. About 300 calories, nearly all muscle building.

I have such a hard job.

A little audio. I guess, Spring’s here. spring

I’m so last century.

I chatted today with someone who works in distruptive technology. Isn’t that hammers? (looks) no. No, it’s not. Yet another field that’s beyond my ken.

My interns keep getting younger.


I have re-enlisted in the twitterverse. Don’t expect miracles. I’m probably going to just crosspost my blog posts into it. @ginnyotte My brain tumor twitter is still there (remember, when I named my 7mm meningioma “Bob” and gave it a twitter account?); but,…


For the past year I have eaten approximately 1500 calories a day. It works for me. I was able to lose 40 pounds and maintain my new weight. I do eat a great deal, but I eat differently than I did before. I…

Food, glorious food

What is the internet without pictures of food? My MS is flaring up this weekend and to keep my mind off the pain in my face, back and eyes, I am cooking. Here is a crockpot with lamb shanks, carrots, parsnip and turnip.…

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