Today my brothers and I and our respective families and friends will say goodbye to the woman who made us the people we are today. Normally, I am able to write at length when telling people about someone but in this case, when it comes to the most important person in my life…the one who carried me inside her for 9 months, who made me, fed me, comforted me, taught me…the woman who sacrificed her entire life to raise me, my brothers, and our children and then enjoy our grandchildren…and who did it all alone for decades after my father died…for the most important woman, I am without adequate words. And so I want to share the video that my niece made for us to show at Mom’s service, so you can see her in her element, with her favorite Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin songs.

I love you, Mom.

Let’s Bring `em Home

In the modern era, we all have `em:  Online friends, people we’ve never met in real life but we are glad to count among our number; a friendly face in your inbox, your blog, your Facebook wall, a message board.

For me, one of those guys is Ernie Stewart.  13 years ago, he first asked me and a bunch of folks on a message board he runs to help him out:  He had a crazy idea to collect money and buy a couple of plane tickets for our younger military members so they could come home for the holidays on leave.  Being a veteran himself, he knew how important it was for both the military member, and the family.

Being a nutbag peace-lovin’ hippie, this was a cause I could get behind.

THIRTEEN years later, I still donate to the cause, and read PSA announcements on my airshift, and cajole my friends.  In those 13 years I have done my tiny part every year.  My own kids grew up, two joined the military, one served in Afghanistan.  I’ve become a mother in law to a military member, I’ve become a grandmother.

I’m still helping in my own little way.

THIS post is one of those ways…I am asking YOU, to please head over to and make a donation.  Any little bit helps!  Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and will help a military member go home to see family THIS holiday season!


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