One thing I never expect to see on a fashion blog…

What’s the least likely thing I’d expect to see on a fashion blog? Great life advice. This article is chock full of it:

“truest fucking art is when it’s an extension of that person”

” ‘Am I going to be here or am I just going to completely disappear?’ That’s what the struggle was about — disappearing and the insidious ball of insecurity that comes with dying and growing old. But, if you disappear, you miss everything.”

“The greatest radical move that any person can make in this present world is to be themselves and not assimilate.” –Cathy Cooper!XYmhf

Open letter to the internet from an iPhone user

Dear Internet, and everyone who makes website pages and apps:

I don’t want your goddamn app. Nothing is more annoying than following a link on my iPhone, only to have the screen switch immediately to the appstore to download your shitty app. When that happens I close the appstore, and close the page I was attempting to read because OBVIOUSLY it is so inferior, so idiotic and so unworthy of my time that even YOU have decided a download is more important that viewing your article, page or site. If YOU don’t want me at your site, immediately routing me to the appstore, I certainly will not intrude again.

Consider me chased away. 

Also, allowing me to load your site only long enough to redirect me elsewhere does not count as a page view or real traffic. So go eff yourself for your publishing FAIL. 


An old bat who still codes html in notepad.