Sometimes being blind in one eye is a blessing.

In the 22 years I have been blind in one eye, I realize that I miss a lot. I step in dog poo more often than the average person, for example. But…I can be walking along and a detail woll just jump out at me that most would miss. This little guy was 15 feet away when I saw him on a leaf. I walked over and snapped a pic with my iPhone. 20140716-181152-65512099.jpg

New life in an old blanket

I made this around 2008; it is what kept me sane while my son was in BMT in the Air Force, and I was learning how to be single again after my marriage blew up. This was a sock pattern at; i made the needles bigger, the yarn a thick cotton, and the idea was to cut down one side when I was done to make a throw blanket. At the time, I had a Yorkshire Terrier named Google, and he would sit on my bed as I knit this, and eventually would sit ON it. When it was done I could not get it away from him to finish it; he would crawl into it like a sleeping bag and either play or sleep. So it became Google’s blanket. After he died, I washes it and put it away. I just took it out again, 3 years after his passing and 2 years after adopting Romeo, and gave it to him. He sniffed it wildly, licked my hand, and curled up in it. 20140706-195150-71510264.jpg

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