Let’s Bring `em Home

In the modern era, we all have `em:  Online friends, people we’ve never met in real life but we are glad to count among our number; a friendly face in your inbox, your blog, your Facebook wall, a message board.

For me, one of those guys is Ernie Stewart.  13 years ago, he first asked me and a bunch of folks on a message board he runs to help him out:  He had a crazy idea to collect money and buy a couple of plane tickets for our younger military members so they could come home for the holidays on leave.  Being a veteran himself, he knew how important it was for both the military member, and the family.

Being a nutbag peace-lovin’ hippie, this was a cause I could get behind.

THIRTEEN years later, I still donate to the cause, and read PSA announcements on my airshift, and cajole my friends.  In those 13 years I have done my tiny part every year.  My own kids grew up, two joined the military, one served in Afghanistan.  I’ve become a mother in law to a military member, I’ve become a grandmother.

I’m still helping in my own little way.

THIS post is one of those ways…I am asking YOU, to please head over to  LBEH.org and make a donation.  Any little bit helps!  Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and will help a military member go home to see family THIS holiday season!


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