Are you a Frisian American?

Years ago, my genealogy research revealed that my father wasn’t just of Dutch lineage, but was actually also heavily Frisian.  I had no idea what that meant at the time, and as I learned I frankly became interested in the topic, adopting the Frisian pride that other people from  Fryslân.  Many people I know who think they are German American or Dutch American, or even to a smaller extent Belgian American, French American or even Scottish American…are also, in part, Frisian.  These people have a LONG proud history (Tacitus wrote of them), predating the Roman empire; their language is believed to be the root language upon which the English language was built.  We’ve begun a Facebook group that  I hope you’ll explore, read and contribute to, as we attempt to teach the descendants of the  generations who came to America’s shores and built this country, may not have been quite whom you thought they were.

They might have been even better than you imagined.  They might have been…Frisian.


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